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Thursday, March 15, 2012

a Little bit Rough!

Hey Folks!
Happy New year to you all! Sorry its been a while, but i have been very busy with my day job! I hope you all had a great festive period - I certainly did, I was off skiing in the Alps. All I can say is that it blew me away. Gotta go back again next Christmas. Here is a sample of what it looked like!

That's me at the top of the Bouc Blanc gondola. it was sunny and warm for most of the time we were there. I also think it did my busted shoulder a whole lot of good.

Anyway, since the last post I have played live at the Royal Hotel Music club in Stromness, Orkney with Pete Bassett. Unfortunately (for everyone else) i was also singing. we played Britney Spears, Hit me baby one more time and an acoustic version of Ghost riders in the sky, influenced by the Outlaws version. Here are a few pics from the fateful evening that Stromness was exposed to my dulcet tones. Thanks to Mike Henderson for letting me use these!

Here i am winning the cake in the raffle - unfortunately i had to share it!

Here's me and Pete singing ghost riders in the sky. we tried to find cowboy hats but I'm afraid a sombrero was as good as i could do and Pete's wasn't much closer to a Stetson.
Here's one of me strumming along. The beard and locks have gone since then. I'm now shaven headed and beardless thanks to my better half.

Talking of ghost riders in the sky, I have decided I'm going to record it. I know I said I was going to do a shred fest instrumental - and I still fully intend on it, but, I just love ghost Riders - always have even when I was a little boy. So Pete Bassett, you have inspired me to do this! and I think we can make a pretty decent job of it. However, in the meantime I have recorded a rough guitar track for it, and boy, do i mean rough! - Recording levels weren't set, hasn't been mixed etc. But, its just intended to give the guy who is going to record the drums for me (the very sickeningly talented young Mr Ross Clark - this guy is a fantastic drummer and his main instrument is guitar! - and what's even more sickening is that he can do all this at this standard and he's only 15!). We'll see if we can't turn this into a 3 way guitar fest with me, Pete and Ross all giving it some large at the end of the song.

Anyway, the exceptionally rough backing track is in my SoundCloud widget thingy at the side of the page. Please don't laugh too much at the dreadful quality. It will be recorded properly once Ross has done the drums. The guitar solo has a few zippy arpeggios thrown in, and there's a nice acoustic solo at the start. This is just a taster (bad taste perhaps, but a taster none the less!) of what i am planning for the song. I also thought I better do some sort of post as I realise that you, my loving audience, were missing me and were distraught at not having a post to read since before Christmas.

Anyway, I'm gonna sign off for now, hopefully there'll be more to follow soon!

Dave B

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